Friday, February 21, 2014

Back Moon Tattoo - I know its kind of trendy but I love it anyways

Back Moon Tattoo - I know its kind of trendy but I love it anyways

#Moon #tattoo #rose #flower Like it, but without the lettering.

#moon #tattoo by monica carpenter

#tattoo Eye Spy Tattoo  California, USA. Artist  Milo

(100+) moon tattoo by emily tran

30 Groovy Moon Tattoos SloDive

a  totem type of #crescent #moon tattoo with a little star next to it
A beautiful moon tattoo, done by Ryan Osborne of Monolith Tattoo in Bend, OR. Not mine.

A Sailor Moon tattoo  I probably wouldnt get this but MAD respect to whoever did, this was my favorite show

Alluring Sun Moon Tattoo On Waist

amazing moon tatto


Another pinner said  The exact sailor moon tattoo I want And I think were going to have matching tattoos!


awesom moon tattoos - Google Search

Awesome sailor moon tattoos

Back Moon Tattoo -I know its kind of trendy but I love it anyways. I would like mine running up the inside of my bicep in color

Baha! Tagged as  Crooked Moon Tattoo  I can only see the skull in a rophat. But i like the background!

bat tattoo moon tattoo... OMG this wld b a grt tribute to our cat...BlackBeard

Best friend and I got matching moon tattoos #moon #tattoos

Best Moon Tattoo Design Get their zodiac signs worked in. Plus a butterfly

best small moon tattoo

Blue moon tattoo the tattoo, but not the color

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Big Shark Tattoo Design

Big Shark Tattoo Design

A sample showing a lizard symbol embedde in a Hammerhead Shark Tattoo.
A shark tattoo I tattooed last night
Adam Levine and his amazing tattoos
Adorable baby shark tattoo
Amazing shark tattoo @Fab Fab
Amazing shark tattoo on men body
anchor and shark tattoos are on the list
angry Shark tattoo
angry smile Shark tattoo
another shark tattoo
Another tribal inspired shark tattoo.
Apparently the other shark tattoo was too this one much better
Arabesque shark tattoo by  TattooTribes on deviantART
Art Dawei Zhang great white sharks tattoo
Awesome Shark Tattoo Idea
Awesome Shark Tattoos on men sleeve
Bad ass shark tattoo. Incredible Neck piece by Little Jenn Small. BST tattoo shop

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Top of hand tattoo designs

Top of hand tattoo designs

Top of hand tattoo designs
Choosing a good tattoo design can be a really hard thing to do, you want the tattoo to be perfect, since you will have it for the rest of your life. When it comes to cross with praying hands tattoos, you should consider a few things before getting one.
Top 10 tattoo designs for men

1. Will you like this tattoo in the long term, because you wouldn't want to end up hating the tattoo after a few years and have to get it removed, it is painful and costly. Make a diligent research before getting the tattoo, even if it takes a month before your sure that the tattoo design is good and your ready to get it done.

Tribal tattoos on hand for girl and men

2. Why do you want that tattoo? Is it because of the religious meaning, or you just like the design? Some people chose a tattoo for the design, while others it's for the meaning, the design is second in priority. You should sort out this priority. If you want a cross with praying hands tattoo because of the meaning, then the design should be a bit less important and it might be easier to make your choice.

3. Where will you put the tattoo and what is your budget? The bigger the tattoo, the more expensive it becomes, especially if it's in color. So you have to find the perfect location and size for the tattoo, which only adds to the puzzle of getting the right cross with praying hands tattoo. Try to look at some pictures of where people usually put that kind of tattoo to help you decide what would be the ideal size and location for you.

Top of hand tattoo designs

4. Where will you find your tattoo? It is easy to spend hours upon hours searching for the right tattoo on the Internet, but I decided to go the easy way and registered to a tattoo directory. They are not very expensive and you can get thousands of tattoo designs for many categories, it really makes your life easier. That's how I was able to find my tattoo design and it saved me many hours of searching.

Top of hand tattoo designs

Hand tattoo designs for girls

Top of hand tattoo designs

Top of hand tattoo designs

Top of hand tattoo designs